Man calls 911 claiming family members were shot, now facing charges

BONIFAY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A Bonifay man is facing charges after deputies say he called 911 and lied about three people being shot.

Holmes County Sheriff's Deputies say Jake Dunn, 37, called 911 saying three of his family members had been shot and were unresponsive. They say Dunn did not tell dispatchers an address, so a deputy went to Dunn's home on Highway 179, where he lives with the people he reported were shot.

The deputy says when he got to the house, he was met by two of the alleged victims. They told the deputy the third family member was also fine. They said Dunn was staying at a home in the area of Sowell Loop.

Deputies say they found Dunn but Dunn told them he was armed with a gun and refused to listen to law enforcement. They said out of concern for Dunn's safety, they made their way inside the home.

Dunn was arrested on charges of making a false report and misuse of the E911 system.