Many local organizations looking for workers after Hurricane Michael

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The Bay County Economic Development Alliance has been hard at work keeping the economy rolling.

Becca Hardin, the president of the Bay County EDA said, "We've had major prospect visits and people coming into town every week since the hurricane hit."

In addition to new businesses coming to town and needing workers, officials say the vast majority of companies doing business in Bay County before the storm aren't leaving any time soon.

Hardin explained, "Companies like Air Temp of America and ACMT, they're all still committed to coming to our area and continuing to grow in our area."

Those companies along with some other major Bay County players like GKN Aerospace and Eastern Shipbuilding are also looking for workers.

To some residents, those new jobs can be the fresh start they need.

Keith Needle, who was attending a GKN job fair said, "It gives you an opportunity, while this is going on to maybe change careers or get involved in a larger company."

Officials say there's something for everyone.

Hardin added, "We're working on a diverse portfolio of projects, we've got about 27 active projects they range from an international roofing company to several aviation-related projects and we think we have the workforce, the skill sets to accommodate those needs."

At the end of the day, many locals say they just want to get back to work.

Needle added, "Hurricane Michael will be cleaned up eventually and people will want to get back to their normal life and their normal jobs."