Medical Monday: 3D Mammography

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The earlier breast cancer is detected, the less likely it will have spread. Patients also have more treatment options when breast cancer is found at an early stage. A 3D screening mammogram is especially beneficial for women with dense breast tissue.

A technician performs a mammogram on a patient at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center.

Dense tissue can sometimes obscure abnormalities on traditional mammograms. The 3D mammography machine takes multiple images and combines them to provide a three-dimensional look at the breast. Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center now has 3D mammography available to patients.

Imaging Services Director Joe Perez said, "It's an effort to increase early detection is what it is. So, with dense breasts, a conversation should be had between a patient and their physician whether they have dense breasts or not and a requirement to have 3D imaging done."

A 3D screening is not invasive. In fact, a patient will not be able to notice the difference in the procedure. However, medical professionals say the images from a 3D mammogram are more precise.

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