Medical Monday: Hospital of the future

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A simple badge is helping doctors and nurses care for their patients in a new way. The device is called a Smart Badge and is part of an initiative by Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center to be a "Hospital of the Future".

The Smart Badge is a locating device. Chief Nursing Officer Mary Reval can see where all the nurses, doctors and techs are located on each floor right from her office. It's tracked in real time through the Smart Badge.

"With the locating, we can actually look down the hall and see there's a doctor in this room and a nurse in this room if you're looking for somebody," explained Reval.

On the floor, corresponding lights above each patient room synchronize with the Smart Badge. The lights change color depending on the type of provider that's in the room at the time.

The badge also tracks hand washing. The hospital is the beta site for the hand washing technology, which is tracked through the badge as a medical provider enters and exits a patient room. Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is giving feedback on the system so it can be used in other hospitals nationwide.