Medical Monday: Hyperbaric Therapy helps wound healing

Hyperbaric therapy can help patients who encounter wounds that have difficulty healing.

Dr. Ashish Gupta from The Center for Wound Care at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center says this therapy is used for conditions such as cystitis and oral problems, in addition to wound healing.

"Bacteria do not like higher concentrations of oxygen, and tissues love higher concentrations of oxygen. We are breathing about 21 percent oxygen. We can double and triple that to help with healing and killing infection," explained Dr. Gupta.

Patients are put into the chamber for an hour and a half to two hours for 40 to 60 treatments. It's painless, and they can even watch TV while in the chamber.

According to Dr. Gupta, "When you are in the chamber, all your organs, every part of your body, sees and recognizes that increased oxygen."

There is a slight pressure change during the process, so patients who have had major sinus surgery may not be candidates for the treatment. Medical professionals say they are seeing great results from the hyperbaric therapy, and it's also beneficial for patients with diabetes who have difficulty with wound healing.