Memoirs of Michael blog lets locals share their stories

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Most people in the Panhandle have experienced and seen the damage from Hurricane Michael. Now, some locals are giving people the chance to share their stories.

Memoirs of Michael is a blog created by Ashley Conner and Photographer Cierra Camper.

Conner, an Air Force Force Reserve Public Affairs Officer, deployed to Nepal in 2015 after a hurricane devastated the country. While she was there, she experienced a deadly earthquake. So, her job changed from writing and taking pictures to carrying injured Nepalese. After Hurricane Michael, Connor said she wanted everyone to know that their story is important.

Cierra Camper has been a photographer for six years and runs CMC Photography in Panama City. After Hurricane Michael, she toured Mexico Beach and found those stories to be the most moving.

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