Memorial Day Weekend kick starting a busy summer

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - "I'm visiting for a family reunion," said area visitor, Nayla Dix

Dix is just one of many here to kick it off this Memorial Day Weekend.

"We came down just for the holiday to spend the day on the beach." said area visitor, Rich Pouncey.

Local businesses are getting a feel for how this summer will affect them.

"Oh I can see it picking up already," said Seaside Swimwear employee, Tresa Lee.

Lee says contrary to popular belief, the destruction from Hurricane Michael made people feel more inclined to come visit.

"People want to come to support us, to get us through this, whether you live in town or work on the beach, they wanna spend their money here and we do have the beautiful-est beaches," said Lee.

Damage to St. Andrews state park did cause some people to change their plans.

"Normally we would have about 170 campsites available but unfortunately Hurricane Michael, as everyone knows, did some damage here and right now we've only got about 45 sites open and those are completely full this weekend," said St. Andrews State Park Manager, Scott Robinson.

But for those spending time here, they're enjoying everything our beautiful beaches have to offer.

"It's something different because I live in Tallahassee so it's not really as much fun things to do down there as it is up here," said Dix.

"We come just for the kids to be on the beach mostly," said Pouncey.

And that beach is what business owners hope will contribute to a fruitful summer season.

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