Mexico Beach is last beach open in Bay County for time being

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Mexico Beach is the last beach open in Bay County and Mayor Al Cathey says they plan to keep it that way unless it becomes too crowded and unsafe.

He said, “We’ll get together and either our fire department or police department will disperse the crowds. If that doesn’t work, if we have issues, then we will address them.”

Cathey said over the weekend he noticed many beachgoers practicing social distancing and staying safe.

He also says since the city is rebuilding there isn’t much to bring large visiting crowds in.

“We don’t have anything here to draw that younger crowd. We don’t have any restaurants you can sit down in, we don’t have any hotels or motels, bars or lounges,” he said.

He says it’s mostly locals who are using the beach, but even they have some concerns and are doing what they can to keep themselves safe.

Rose Prosser, a Mexico Beach resident said, “We are concerned. So if it doesn’t seem too crowded I’ll come for a while, sit back by the dunes and relax a little bit and then go back home.”

Even some Chicago visitors like Tatum Allen and his family, who came over from Panama City Beach, are socially distancing themselves as well.

“We’re trying time to stay as far as possible from the other families and staff. We have a lot of sanitizer. Most of us have more of a struggle surviving if we get it because I have asthma. So we’re just trying to stay safe,” said Allen.

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