Mexico Beach moving forward with rebuilding

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Tuesday night the Mexico Beach City Council went over proposals and plans on how to rebuild a better Mexico Beach by approving a new comprehensive plan for the city as well as new land development regulations.

The new comprehensive plan outlines how they want to develop the community moving forward and the land development regulations also had to be adjusted to fit the new plan.

One of the major changes to building codes is raising any new structures to one and a half feet above the flood line.

Also since the comprehensive plan and the LDR passed, the building moratorium will be lifted for Mexico Beach next Monday.

Adrian Welle the City Clerk for Mexico Beach said, "Tonight was the night everyone was looking forward to. Everyone said, 'The fifth at five o'clock is the day we're going to know are we going to be able to lift this moratorium or not?' Everything they passed tonight, we're good to go. This will give us Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get our staff ready to roll. We're anxious just like everybody else to get the rebuilding process started."

Despite some changes being made, other building codes are staying the same.

Welle explained, "They did not change their height restrictions, they stayed the same. They did not change the density for dwellings per acre, they stayed the same. So Mexico Beach has really continued to hold its charm and hold the Mexico Beach way it's always been."

Increasing the wind resistance of buildings to 140 miles an hour was also discussed Tuesday, but that will be officially brought to the table over the next few meetings.