Mission850 continues to cleanup area with help of volunteers

Teens from Alabama and Massachusetts cleaned up a Springfield woman's yard Saturday with...
Teens from Alabama and Massachusetts cleaned up a Springfield woman's yard Saturday with Mission850. (WJHG/WECP)(WJHG)
Published: Jul. 13, 2019 at 8:43 PM CDT
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Mission850 has brought over 200 groups of volunteers to the area since Hurricane Michael, and that hasn't stopped them from continuing to bring people, and hope, to the panhandle each week this summer.

A group of teens is on a mission to bring hope back to the panhandle after Hurricane Michael.

"We've heard about all of the devastation and we just wanted to come out and help out because sometimes when you have, when you've lost everything, you need something to help you bounce back and get a hold of your life again," said Mission850 volunteer from Alabama Gabriella Pickett.

Teens from Alabama and Massachusetts came together this week through Mission850 to clean up a Springfield woman's yard.

"I'm enjoying it a lot cause we're up from Boston and other people from Alabama so that one just being able to participate and get involved with other people from different areas just to get to meet new people is fun in and of itself, but working with other people just ... being part of a team just...it's kind of satisfying," said Mission850 volunteer from Massachusetts Brady Severance.

They spent four days cleaning up debris and say it's like nothing they've ever seen.

"What they've been telling us is you'll be surprised, and we were, on how much [debris] is still leftover after this amount of time, it just kind of shows how much help is definitely needed," said Severance.

"I can't even imagine how much [debris] there must have been right after the storm," said another Mission850 volunteer from Massachusetts, Avery Schaub.

A local woman now has a cleaner yard, and a little more hope, thanks to the groups efforts.

"We wanted to show hope because during the storm a lot of people did lose hope and we wanted to show them what hope is and we wanted to tell them you can have hope again," said a Mission850 volunteer from Alabama, Preston Vines.

Volunteers say they're glad they can be a part of this.

"It feels like we're doing something good, it feels like we're able to connect with the people and see from their perspective," said Pickett.

They're proving age doesn't matter when it comes to helping others.

The homeowner said she was grateful for Mission850 and the volunteers.

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