Monday Forecast

Good Monday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start over the Panhandle with clear skies to start the day. We'll look forward to seeing a lot of sunshine throughout the day and very pleasant temperatures.

However, we're off to a seasonal chill with temperatures around the low 40s out the door. Under the abundant sunshine today highs reach up to around 70 degrees.

High pressure is doing a great job at giving us the sunny and mild start to the week. Clouds go back on the increase tonight and into tomorrow as a week cold front heads our way tomorrow. We'll still stay mild ahead of this front on Tuesday but we'll notice an uptick in cloud cover throughout the day.

There doesn't appear to be enough moisture to work with so the front will likely pass through without any rain Tuesday night into Wednesday. Skies will clear out for the rest of the week, but we'll also get a good blast of chilly conditions to finish out the week. Highs by Thursday and Friday may stay in the 50s, while morning lows could get down to freezing in many locations.

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant sunshine with pleasantly mild highs near 70 this afternoon. Your 7 Day Forecast will keep us running quiet and dry all week despite a cold front moving through Tuesday night into Wednesday leading toward a chilly finish to the week.