More inclusive Oakland Terrace Park opens

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Starting Monday, every kid will be able to enjoy the Oakland Terrace Park playground, thanks to some upgrades.

The park officially reopened Monday after finishing the first phase of a two-phase, $332,000 renovation.

The new nautical-themed playground includes a jungle gym-style play web and rubber surfaces that allow wheelchairs to get onto the playground.

The focus on this renovation was to make the playground more accessible to kids with disabilities.

Seven-year-old Karsten Price has spinal muscular atrophy and inspired the upgrades.

Justina Price, Karsten's mother, pushed for the park to be more inclusive.

She said, "As my son got older I realized he wasn't able to interact and get into the playground equipment without my help picking him up. So, I just decided we'd push for more of an accessible playground that he can be independent on and not rely so much on my help."

The goal of this inclusive area is to make sure that every kid has the chance to join in on the fun and just be a kid.

Justina said, "I'm excited for him. I'm glad to see that he's able to interact with the kids and just get out and enjoy himself as a child."

The second phase will include increased shading around the playground and adjustments to the green space. That is planned for next year.