Multiple projects underway in Seaside

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SEASIDE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Construction is booming in Seaside as the town works to bring together the city's original plans.

Within the next few months, Seaside's iconic post office is moving to a new location, just yards from it's current location.

As the community grows, town officials hope to provide more space for parking and restrooms.

The plan is to move the entire building from 30-A to Central Square, in between Sundog Books and Modica Market.

"We're going to relocate the post office to make way for the Krier Tower," Seaside Director of Development, George Calvi said. "The Krier Tower is a historical landmark that has always been in the plans for Seaside. It's in the original vision, so this is the first step to making this happen."

That's not the only thing officials have in the works.

Seaside developers are also working on a new stage.

Behind Seaside Neighborhood School, a new civic space will soon be open on the Lyceum Lawn.

The new venue will have room on both sides for seating and a balcony view and will be the home to multiple events.

"A lot of the non-profits will be able to use this stage. The Seaside Neighborhood School, the Seaside Institute, Escape to Create, and the Repertory Theatre, they're all going to utilize the stage as much as they can," Calvi said.

Construction on the venue began in October and should be finished by end of the month.

Officials aren't sure when the post office move is set to happen.