NFL Pro Camp teaching touchdowns

Published: Jun. 21, 2018 at 7:45 PM CDT
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Proctor and Gamble hosted a competition at Air Force bases this year and Tyndall was one of two winners.

They were rewarded with a very special football camp for the military kids.

More than 140 kids were at the Tyndall Air Force Base Youth Center Ballfield to learn a little something more about football.

But they weren't learning from just anyone, three-time Super Bowl champion LeGarrette Blount was out there showing them how it's done.

"It's fun to do things like this. You know, obviously giving kids opportunities that you know a lot of kids don't get to experience in their lifetime, it wasn't something that I was able to do growing up," said Blount.

The kids were able to learn many things such as Hail Marys, how to catch the ball, and throw passes... to name only a few.

Life isn't always easy when you're a military child.

"They put up with a lot, they endure a lot and they're tough, resilient group of folks but often forgotten. And in this case, Proctor and Gamble, and Defense Commissary Association and absolutely LeGarrette Blount, they've actually put the spotlight where we don't put it often enough and that's right on our kids," said Colonel Brian Laidlaw.

This camp was a touchdown for Tyndall kids!