New Mobi-Mats make beach access easy

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Getting access to the water's edge just became a lot easier.

"I want someone to be able to get to experience the same thing that I get. The luxury of being able to just be able to walk out there and go get in the water. Sometimes we take for granted how easy that is and this makes it so that they can actually do that," says Bay County Beach Operations Supervisor Tabitha Kimball.

Friday, Bay County introduced it's newest addition to our sandy white beaches called Mobi-Mats.

"We wanted to unveil the T and start here and see the feedback that we get from everybody and then go from there," says Kimball.

Mobi-Mats and Mobi-Chairs are designed to handle the difficult trek the sand may cause.

"They allow us to be an all inclusive beach," says Kimball.

Between these two new amenities, officials say they hope everyone will take advantage of what our area has to offer.

"The Mobi-Chairs that we have are pretty unique. You can use them on the sand and you can also use them in the water. We've tested and tried them. We've had the life guards use them. They are very skilled in it so they've gone out quite far, but they handle very well," says Kimball.

These mats, designed by the Marine Corps, provide are a non-slip pathway for anything with wheels, and officials say this $50,000 investment is just the beginning.

"The goal right now, we are just doing this T, but we have enough Mobi-Mats to grow and the goal is to actually be able to go all the way around, underneath the pier and back to our other beach access," Kimball adds.