New Zoo World exhibit will allow you closer than ever to the king of the jungle

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Zoo World representatives say they are constantly working on better exhibits for all their residents.

Coming up this year, they plan to open a brand new lion exhibit.

With two female lions and one beautiful white lion male, they are creating a space where visitors can have a more up-close and interactive experience with the king of the jungle, so get your cameras ready!

"If you've been to Zoo World before, the greatest thing we have here is how up close and personal you can get with our animals, but we are about to blow everybody's mind because you're gonna get so much closer and have so much more fun and if you haven't gotten to smell a lion, maybe you'll get to in the spring," said Erika Newell, curator of Zoo World.

They say the best part is when they move one exhibit they get to redo the last and say within the next five years, Zoo World is planning many renovations to make their exhibits bigger, better and a lot more fun for everyone.