New amusement park coming to Panama City Beach this summer

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A new amusement park known as Swampy Jack's Wongo Adventures is set to open where the most recent Miracle Strip Amusement Park was located.

The attraction, near Pier Park, is set to open this summer and will start out with about three rides.

Del Lee, the developer for Swampy Jack's Wongo Adventures, said, "We'll have about five or six amusement rides in there, it'll take us probably about seven, eight, nine, years to get totally built out."

Lee said, in the end, it will be a hybrid of an amusement park and a family entertainment center.

It's another step toward making Panama City Beach more family-friendly.

Mayor Mike Thomas said, "These people that have got it now have been doing an awful lot of work down there trying to get it up and the beach needs it, we have a lot of young people and it's changing our image of what we're doing, there's a lot more kids down, give them something to do, it's a great thing."

Although it's located where the previous park failed, Lee wants to make it clear, "It's not the old Miracle Strip and it's not the new Miracle Strip, it's its own little unique entity."

But Lee did say they will pay homage to the original Miracle Strip through rides like the Swamp Ape, which will be similar to the Abominable Snowman ride that was popular at Miracle Strip.