New "bar" offers IV therapy

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SANTA ROSA BEACH. Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - It's not shaken, stirred, or even served in a glass, but it is a liquid some might compare to those familiar concoctions.

A new bar on 30A isn't serving up your traditional cocktails, but these 'bartenders' are filling you up with exactly what you need.

"So we have different cocktails that we've formulated," says Aesthetic Clinique Nurse Sandy Weiner.

Nurses at this bar say their mixtures cure illnesses, reverse aging, and do much more.

"Whether they've overindulged the night before or have been in the sun, we can help them hydrate and recover from that," said Weiner.

All you have to do is just sit in a chair and within 30 minutes you'll begin to feel the buzz.

"So you will notice an immediate improvement in your energy level, your mood, you'll sleep well that night," Weiner explained.

Weiner says using an IV is the best method to get the vitamins your body needs fast.

"So a lot of people take supplements orally, and in taking supplements you get about 20 percent of absorption through your GI tract. If we start an IV, you're going to get 90 percent absorption of those vitamins and minerals. That's going to be more bio-available to your cells and it's just going to help you feel better," said Weiner.

Weiner explained although the IV cocktails can help with some basic ailments, they can also be specially designed for people suffering from chronic illnesses.

"For instance, somebody with Crohn's disease would have issues with malabsorption, so they are not getting their nutrients at the levels to improve their overall health, so that would be somebody that would benefit from this," Weiner said.

IVbar 30A is an extension of the services at Aesthetic Clinique. For more information, refer to the link attached to this article.