New beach access coming to Walton County

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - While many come to the beach to relax, Walton County Resident Harvey Ellis Jr. says it just adds stress to his day.

“I tend to not go to the beach," said Ellis.

But now, Visit South Walton and the Board of County Commissioners are trying to ease the pain.

“We’re doing the groundbreaking for our newest regional beach access," said District Five Walton County Commissioner, Tony Anderson.

Tuesday the Commissioners broke ground on the newest Dune Allen access, making this the first one in over a decade. In the next 18 months, commissioners plan to do that same at new Miramar Beach and Seagrove Beach access points.

“We can never have enough beach accesses, so especially with customary use going on, we need to have as many beach accesses where we have a public beach as possible," said Commissioner Anderson.

With the addition of these three, there will be 11 entrances to the shoreline of Walton County. According to the Executive Director of the Tourist Development Council, Jay Tusa, this will help bring in more tourist dollars.

“You know, more beach access, it’s really important for the economy of Walton County. We have visitors that come here, we have locals that enjoy the beach and so the greater beach access that we have, it’s a win-win for everyone," said Tusa.

For those who might not enjoy getting close to the beach now, these new entrances could bring them closer to the water's edge.

“Yes, it should help," said Ellis.

Along with some amenities to make a trip to the beach seamless.

“Parking, restrooms, lifeguards, those are just a few of the amenities that we offer at regional beach accesses," said Tusa.

Giving a reason for locals to enjoy their beaches more often.

“It’ll help. The more the better," said Ellis.

The new access points make a total of 748 feet of beachfront property.