Officials talk hurricane recovery in Callaway, Springfield and Parker

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - As Hurricane Michael recovery continues throughout the Panhandle, we've been visiting with different communities to speak with officials about the progress made so far. Jordan McCool and Paris Janos joined us live from Springfield, Callaway, and Parker with more on what has been done there.

Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond says the city is seeing a lot of new construction in the area. However, the city is currently in about $14 million in debt due to debris removal costs.

"Last night [Monday] at the commission meeting I froze all expenditures. Once we get past the FEMA thing, we're going to be doing good, but of course we have to wait on the money," he said.

Hammond went on to say Springfield will continue to be bigger and more beautiful than before.

Callaway Mayor Pamn Henderson says since the announcement that Tyndall Air Force Base would be rebuilt was huge news for the city.

"That's what really started this housing boom," she said. "We have businesses that are looking at Callaway very seriously knowing that the population is going to be here, that they'll have a customer base."

Henderson says one main challenge a year later is dealing with abandoned properties that remain untouched since the storm. She says the city is working with multiple agencies to address the problem.

The city of Parker is only two-square miles in size, but Mayor Rich Musgrave says for a small area the amount of debris was overwhelming.

The sports complex was filled with that debris for months following Hurricane Michael. Now that it has been cleaned up, the city hopes the public will weigh in on future plans.

"In early November we will have a public forum," Musgrave said. "Let it be a park that is designed and built for the public."

For more information, watch Paris and Jordan's full interviews.

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