On the road again: Temperley's food truck returns with owner overseas

A customer orders from Temperley's outside 3rd Planet Brewing on Saturday afternoon.
A customer orders from Temperley's outside 3rd Planet Brewing on Saturday afternoon.(WJHG)
Published: May. 23, 2020 at 10:59 PM CDT
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Day after day this year...bad news for Jeff Temperley.

"This is 19 weeks and counting now," Temperley said, locked down in England awaiting visa renewal. "We still don't know if the embassy is going to reopen when the green card ban is lifted June 22."

His restaurant...

"They need me."

...and even bad news for the food truck.

"It was just myself and Amanda. She and I had been doing this for the most part since the restaurant closed down," Temperley's British Eatery general manager Chrissy Brady said. "We just turned off of Route 79 and [the truck] just stopped. I barely got it over to the side of the road."

Saturday at 3rd Planet Brewing in Niceville and five days a week in the region, now there’s good news in the Templerley world: the British Eatery is serving again.

“This is what we do," Temperley, the owner and namesake said. "It’s no good to me sitting around, it don’t earn its keep.”

The restaurant remains closed and may for some time while Temperley is stranded in England. Even son, the return of the food truck is being embraced all over.

"We're getting requests all the time to come and visit certain neighborhoods or hospitals or places or work," Temperley said, speaking from a family home in Withersfield.

Just as happy to be back are the four employees holding down the roving business.

“We just do what we can," Brady said. "Provide as much employment as we can hopefully we'll have the shop back open and we can get back up on our pasties and shepherd's pies."

Brady estimates up to 200 customers are served each day, serving most items off the dine-in menu. A full schedule of locations can be found on the Temperley's British Eatery Food Truck Facebook page.

Life is good behind the grill, but four thousand miles away lies a more complicated reality.

“It could be anything from two months to six months, we just don't know," Temperley admitted. "I'm not sure we've got that much longer. I've not got that much more patience."

But they finally have more food.

“It makes it worthwhile if people like what you’re doing," Temperley added. "That’s the good news."

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