One arrested after Marianna child shot

Published: Jan. 29, 2018 at 4:54 PM CST
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Jackson County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Chipola River Townhouses on Townhouse Drive in Marianna at around 8:30 Friday night after receiving a report that a six-year-old boy had been shot.

Officials say a family member accidentally fired a handgun, hitting the child once.

"The child was airlifted to Sacred Heart where he is reported to be in critical condition," Jackson County Sheriff's Office Captain of Investigations Scott Edwards said.

While on the scene, investigators learned the boy's mother's significant other, Jaquarius White, is a convicted felon in possession of a gun.

"As a convicted felon you're not even supposed to be in the same house as a gun," Edwards said.

This is the second Jackson County child accidentally shot this month.

"We've been discussing that internally here at the Sheriff's Office," Edwards said. "Obviously there is an issue. We're going to try to educate people."

Edwards said public service announcements are on the way, but people need to exercise extreme caution with firearms.

"We know accidents happen, but again, it's very important to keep them locked up away from children and people who don't know anything about guns," Edwards said.

White was charged with felon in possession of a firearm. He's being held in the Jackson County Correctional Facility.

Edwards said there were several guns in the home. Whether White owned the gun used to shoot the child has not be released.

Officials say the incident is still pending further investigation with other possible charges pending.