Operation Ghost Town aims to clean up Blountstown

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Blountstown code enforcement officials are working to make the city a beautiful and safe place to live.

Operation Ghost Town is an initiative to clean up buildings that look like they've been abandoned or walked away from.

Officials have identified 45 structures from all four corners of Blountstown that fit the derelict criteria.

Operation Ghost Town gives offenders a 30-day notice by letter.

If the area isn't cleaned up, that's when the code enforcement process will start.

"There are people every day looking for houses to rent in Blountstown, houses to buy in Blountstown. Local realtors call us every once in a while wanting to know if we know of some fixer-uppers. These are great opportunities for that to happen," Blountstown Fire Chief Ben Hall said.

Officials say they aren't the "grass mowing police" out to pick on people.

Most structures just need a few hours worth of work on them, but there are some that will need to be torn down.