PC Cinemas and the Panama City Mall have a new five year contract

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - For many, going to the movies provides an escape. Especially for some locals after Hurricane Michael.

PC Cinemas and the Panama City Mall recently came to a new five year contract agreement allowing the theater to stay open while there are no set plans for the future of the mall yet. (WJHG/WECP)

"To be here... is just happy that it's open," said Panama City resident, Lakesha Julien.

PC Cinemas re-opened in December after the storm, sustaining minimal damage.

"We lucked out, so the main lobby area that you see here is really clean, there was no water damage here, most of the water damage from the roof damage was in the auditoriums which are at an angle so all of the water actually went down to the bottom of all four auditoriums," said PC Cinemas General Manager, Richard Sanchez.

But since the storm, the Panama City Mall has remained closed.

Although PC Cinemas and the mall property owners just came to a five-year contract agreement. If the mall chooses to rebuild or renovate, the theater will have six months' notice where they can decide to stay or leave.

"When that does happen, depending on if they're going to continue to have the theater in the mall in the future, if not he's going to buy his own permanent property and relocate," said Sanchez.

Now since they have the contract, the theater is working to make do with their current conditions and enhance the movie-going experience.

"We are premiering movies on Thursday nights, we are trying to add some seats to a couple of the theaters as well," said Sanchez.

No matter what, Sanchez says the owner of the theater plans on always having doors open in Panama City.

"Being the only theater open in the city, we need to keep it open. So that is the goal," said Sanchez.

We reached out to the property owners about future plans for the mall and they have not gotten back to us yet.

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