Panama City Beach City Council approves new building maintenance standards

PANAMA CITY BEACH. Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - New building maintenance standards were approved by the Panama City Beach City Council Thursday.

In the original code of ordinances, the city could not step in to fix a building unless it was deteriorating. Now, the new standards turn their focus more on the appearance of buildings so they fit in with what council members call the aesthetic of the city.

The ordinance also allows for Code Enforcement to impose fines for violations.

Mario Gisbert, the City Manager of Panama City Beach, "It's up to Code Enforcement and I will be keeping a close eye on our Code Enforcement to make sure they don't abuse this. We want to make sure, they need to take this from the worst case to the small case, not start at the small case."

Some of the new requirements include making sure paint isn't discolored or cracked and keeping up with roof repairs. For a full list click the document attached to this article.

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