Local church celebrates beloved centenarian

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A local church community celebrated a member's very special birthday Sunday morning.

Louise Graham turned 100-years-old and her church, Cornerstone Baptist in Panama City Beach, threw her a celebration after Sunday morning's service.

Mrs. Graham's entire family was at the celebration including her great-great grandchildren.

Mrs. Graham has been a member at Cornerstone Baptist for eight years and other members say she is a key part of the community.

Jerry Moore, used to be Graham's pastor. He explained "She's a pastor's dream. She doesn't have anything but positive things to say. She wants to know who she can help along the way."

"Mrs. Graham's been a member of our church for almost the whole time we have existed.," said Neil Hickem, the Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church. "She's very well loved when she was physically able to she was very involved in the church."

Nancy Morris says she has been friends with Graham for 50 years.

"Our husbands used to be very close friends. We've done a lot of things together, we've traveled together. We've spent a lot of time at each other's homes," Morris said."

Ann Renfroe is a member of Cornerstone Baptist and she helped organize the party.

"She has supported this church in every way and she is just one of the best members we've ever had here."

Pastor Hickem said there are some other members of the church in their low 90's, so they may need to wait a few more years for another centennial birthday.