Panama City Beach city leaders consider using a parking app

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 2:00 AM CST
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Panama City Beach city leaders will talk about introducing an app to let people pay for parking at their current pay stations and possibly other locations.

City leaders say they’re thinking about using this app because many of their pay stations at the parking lots can be difficult to use and constantly break down.

Councilman Phil Chester said they currently charge a flat rate of five dollars per day at Churchwell Drive, Richard Jackson Blvd and Thomas Drive parking lots.

He said instead of paying at the pay station the app would allow people to use their phone to pay a certain rate per hour while they use the parking lot.

“It is easier to pay. A lot of these larger cities are using it and evidently it’s working very well," Panama City Beach Councilman, Phil Chester said. "I’ve done a little research on it since I found out we’re gonna discuss it in Thursday’s meeting. But it’s up for discussion there’s nothing set in stone. We’re just going to discuss it as a council.”

Chester said their staff is suggesting they start the rate off $1 per hour up to $8 for the day.

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