Panama City Beach woman travels to Russia to judge goat show

Published: Aug. 26, 2017 at 3:47 PM CDT
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One Panama City Beach woman recently traveled to Russia to serve as a judge in a rather unusual tournament.

Cristi Karr lives in Panama City Beach and raises and exports goats.

"My goats specifically, they're just so personable, they know all my secrets. They're just my love. They're beautiful to look at. Each one has a specific different personality," Cristi Karr said.

Her goats seem to love her back. Cristi told us Hannibal looks forward to being milked. She exports her goats all over the world.

"I have clients from the United Arab Emirates to Panama to Gayana, South America, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, all over the world. My most common client is actually from Russia," Karr said.

That Russian client helped her and her husband Ken get invited to Russia's first national goat show in Tula, Russia.

"It was done closely through the Minister of Agriculture out of Tula, Russia and after our last import that arrived in January of this year, he decided that he wanted to bring us over to help him host their very first national goat show," Karr said.

Karr told us she was surprised when she was asked to be a judge.

"I was completely honored and excited that the Agriculture Minister of Tula invited us to go over there and represent the United States. It was my first time truly leaving the country," Karr said.

You may be thinking, what exactly goes on at a goat show?

"A goat show is just like a dog show. You showcase your animal and the best of the animals for that day wins," Karr said.

She told us the Tula Agriculture Minister was happy Russia and the United States could bond over goats.

"He told me even though we have conflict going on between our two countries, this really proves that agriculture stays united and that it won't effect our relationship," Karr said.

Karr told us she was invited back to judge the next goat show in Tula and she's looking forward to it.