Panama City Commissioners move forward with higher millage rate

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Thursday's Panama City Commission meeting started off with a discussion on millage rates and while a final vote was not made, commissioners are moving forward with an increase.

The motion to raise the city's millage rate to 4.35 has been approved for its first reading.

Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki says the increase is a good thing because it'll help pay for law enforcement and city projects, but not all commissioners agreed.

"We need to have a slight increase. Now, we proposed 5.2, right now were proposing 4.35. What it equates to is if a person has a $100,000 taxable value on their house, it'll be about $35 a year," Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki said.

"The budget was presented to us originally earlier in the summer by our staff at 3.9740, which is the same rate as we had last year. It was presented to us as being balanced, we can fund everything we need to fund. There's no reason to go up," Ward 3 Commissioner Billy Rader said.

The board will hear its second reading on the higher rate at its next meeting.