Parker city leaders planning ways to pay hurricane expenses

PARKER, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - During Tuesday's council meeting Parker city leaders said the bill for debris removal is around $6 million. Officials say the cost adds up to more than the city's annual budget.

Mayor Richard Musgrave said they've picked up more than 500,000 cubic yards of debris. He said compared to other cities it doesn't seem like much but their city is only two square miles in size.

"By the time we get done with it, we'll probably have a $7-7.5 million total bill and we'll be requesting reimbursement through FEMA. We just can't afford additional beyond that," said Musgrave.

After being reimbursed by FEMA, Musgrave said they plan to open a $5 million line of credit and use the money in city reserves to help pay the remaining fees.