Parkland native, Kayla Gaskins, returns home to share the shooting victims' stories

PARKLAND, Fla. (WJHG) - It's been 11 days since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School claimed 17 lives.

Kayla Gaskins went back to her hometown in South Florida where the community is learning how to move on. Sunday, she saw thousands of people who were out to show their support as students made their way back inside.

"It's hard to say you'll get through, you know because it's so fresh," said one student. "To go back today was just really good to see everyone and walk on campus again," she added.

Students had the opportunity to gather their personal belongings left behind in the chaos and meet with teachers, but the memory of those lost is still fresh.

"I lost Nick, I've known him since we were in Kindergarten and it's
been really tough but I have my other friends and everyone has been
really supportive, " said another student.

But support came form those who grew up there. "You know Parkland is my hometown and we're family friends with some of the people who lost their kids and this is just something that shouldn't be happening. So we wanted to show our support and show these kids they are not alone," said one resident.

Support also came from furry friends and from a group who came all the way from Hawaii to give what they call a "lei of love." The two-point-five mile lei will wrap around the entire campus. It's a symbol that what happened was felt half way around the world.

Then there were the 17 Pulse angles from Orlando. "We've gone through this. You know we lived through this a year and a half ago. So we know what this community is going through. We know what the survivors are going through. We know what the families are going through. And these angles are a source of comfort and love. And a lot of people you see wearing them are actual pulse survivors who felt they needed to be here to let the community know that there are angles watching over them," said one of the angels.