Paying it forward: family returns lost backpack with hundreds of dollars inside

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CALLAWAY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Jo Brockman had her wallet, jewelry, and makeup in her backpack. She also had a bank slip with nearly $800 in cash tucked in one of the pockets. While driving through Callaway on her way home to West Palm Beach, she accidentally left her backpack at a local gas station.

"I knew that'd I'd never see it again," said Brockman.

Luck was on her side in the form of Tristan Philman and Dalton Parrish.

"We were riding around the parking lot because that's what we do after school. It was getting towards dark time and Dalton says, 'Hey what's this?' Because the stuff was all scattered. I was like I don't know grab it and we'll go back to the house," said Tristan Philman.

Thy boys went home and told their mom about what they found. Micole Philman found a business card in the backpack and contacted Brockman.

"She said there was money in there is there still money in the backpack. I told her I would look and I found like $700," said Micole Philman.

Brockman told us she wanted to thank the family for finding her backpack face to face and give them something for the holidays.

"I know that you probably could have used the money like me and you did the right thing. It's just unbelievable to me," said Brockman.

Brockman Facetimed the boys and their mother to thank them.

"I wanted to give you reward money because I was never expecting to get it back. So [Wednesday] in the mail I put some money for you guys for Christmas or to spend however you want to. There's a hundred dollars for each one of you," said Brockman.

Now that sure is one way to pay it forward.