People stocking up on essential supplies for Hurricane Michael

Published: Oct. 8, 2018 at 10:23 PM CDT
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Many people in Northwest Florida are preparing for Hurricane Michael set to hit Wednesday.

"Since 6 a.m. it's been backed up, we're just now running out of regular [gas]," said Barnacle Barney's employee Danny Hess.

A line of cars all the way out on to the street; that was the sight at many gas stations in Panama City Beach.

Many trying to either get out of town or load up on essentials if they plan to ride out the storm at home, some finding it hard to buy what they need like water.

"We about sold it all a little bit here and there, all the cases are gone," said Hess.

Over the weekend, the governor declared a State of Emergency in Bay, Walton, and many other counties in Northwest Florida hoping to keep people safe from Hurricane Michael.

"Stay tuned to our social media, Facebook especially, and as we make some decisions that could involve sheltering and things like that we're gonna get them out to the public as soon as we can," said Joby Smith, Bay County Emergency Management Division Chief.

A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for most of Bay County. Not all will heed that directive, but either way, residents are still preparing for what's to come.