Perseid Meteor Shower Visible This Weekend

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG) - This weekend stargazers will have a chance to see some meteors from one of the historically better meteor showers visible during the course of the year.

Typically you can see around 80 meteors on average, but this year because of the bright moon you might only see half of that. The moon will rise between 10p-11p both Friday night and Saturday night and that light will make it tougher to see them. Typically the best time to see them is late at night/early in the morning, but this year because of that moonlight you should have a decent chance of seeing them from after dark through the night.

To see the meteors look NE toward the constellation Perseus. You will see the meteors come from Comet Swift-Tuttle as it passes by Earth. Find a nice dark location, let your eyes adjust, look skyward and enjoy!