PlayBig therapy gym opens in Marianna

MARIANNA, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - PlayBig is a children's therapy gym that opened in Marianna in October.

"We have the kids learn through social play and that's kind of our motto here at PlayBig is we want kids to be moving and engaging and connecting," Practice Manager Lani Magee said.

Through the use of trampolines, swings, and life-size playhouses, PlayBig staff work with children and teens who have sensory processing disorders, autism, developmental delays, attention system deficits, and social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Aletha Medina said PlayBig has already made a difference in her grandson's life.

"He is autistic and he has a lot of problems and he has really changed since coming here," Medina said.

PlayBig isn't just for therapy services. It's a place where any child in the community can come to have fun in a safe environment.

Open gym is Saturday and Sunday. You can even reserve a spot for a birthday party.

"We are just so thrilled to be here and it's just been such a welcoming and amazing environment," Magee said.

Staff said they hope this location will continue to fill up with an abundance of children who are excited... to play big.

The ribbon cutting for PlayBig will be this Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

PlayBig is located off Highway 90 in Marianna, in the same plaza as Rivertown Community Church.

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