Possible oil drilling off Florida's coastline

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAP NEWS DESK) - The Trump administration says it will allow new offshore oil drilling in nearly all United States Coastal waters, including here in Florida.

(Image Source: Glenn Beltz / CC BY 2.0 / MGN)

The administrations proposal includes 47 potential leases including one on Florida’s coast off the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Leases for drillers could start in 2023.

Both of Florida’s U.S. Senators and Governor Rick Scott oppose the plan.

Julie Wraithmell is the Interim Executive Director of Audubon Florida. She says drilling in the gulf could devastate Florida’s coast.

Wraithmell said, “It's just unthinkable. I know I sit every day at my desk with my paper weight of tar balls from 2010 and think, 'Goodness gracious, how could we ever do that again?' And to see such a casual announcement just really gives me pause.”

Governor Rick Scott has asked for a meeting with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to discuss removing Florida coasts from consideration for drilling.