President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta tours Hurricane Michael devastation

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG.WECP) - One of the country's top financial leaders spent time touring parts of Bay County on Friday.

The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta held meetings with local leaders during his visit to Panama City Friday. (Office of Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis)

Dr. Raphael Bostic is president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta which serves the Sixth Federal Reserve District covering Florida.

He spent the day alongside Panama City leaders and Florida's CFO Jimmy Patronis touring Hurricane Michael devastation and speaking with business leaders, elected officials and other community members.

Bostic said the conversations included resolving insecure housing and blight in the community after the storm.

"To get those moved either by having the property owners themselves really start to invest in real time with some urgency, or just get the property managers or owners to say 'look this may be something where maybe we just give it to you as the city or the county as a donation,'" said Bostic.

He said other topics discussed included workforce development, clearing loans, and affordable housing.

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