Protecting your holiday packages

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Online shopping is something that can be an easy solution when getting gifts for friends and family over the holidays.

Bay County Sheriff's Officials want to make sure your packages are safe over the holidays. (WJHG/WECP)

But it's not for everyone.

"I don't because I see everything on this Facebook thing that people sneaking up to people's houses even though there's cameras, and they're taking off with people's gifts," said Bay County Resident, Patricia Greer.

Greer says getting packages delivered to her door isn't for her, because these Grinch's have hit close to home.

"My father has had stuff taken from his house, even with the gate shut," said Greer.

So Bay County Sheriff's officials have some advice for those expecting deliveries.

"if you have a neighbor that doesn't work, get them to come over when they see the truck and pick it up for you and hold it for you. If you have family members that don't mind coming over by your house, do that," said Ruth Corley, the Public Information Officer for Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement officials also suggest mailing it to a place where someone is guaranteed to be there all day, like your place of work.

While sheriff's officials are encouraging people to take some of those precautions, they're also saying these porch pirates can take their skills beyond the doorstep.

"They know they're carrying cash, they know they might be carrying credit cards, they know they have packages in a car, so they are watching what you're putting in your car," said Corley.

Officials are encouraging shoppers to think smart. Those carrying purses, keep them zipped and in front of your body, only bring the card or cash you plan on using when you're out shopping, and once presents get to your car, put them in your trunk so your presents aren't in a glass display.

"Don't put yourself in a situation where it can happen to you," said Corley.

Law enforcement officials also recommend breaking down boxes and putting them in the trash can so thieves won't know what's nice and new inside your home.

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