Rebecca Dilmore wins the Golden Apple

Rebecca Dilmore from Cottondale High School wins the Golden Apple.<br />(WJHG)
Rebecca Dilmore from Cottondale High School wins the Golden Apple.<br />(WJHG)(WJHG)
Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 11:37 AM CST
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Rebecca Dilmore has been teaching at Cottondale High School for 13 years.

"I graduated from Florida State and I was interested in staying close to Tallahassee, and there was an opening at Cottondale and I've never left," Dilmore said.

Cottondale is home, her husband teaches right down the hall.

"I love working here, Cottondale is like a family. I enjoy watching my students grow up," Dilmore said. "It's neat at Cottondale because it only has a handful of math teachers, we see students for multiple years, so being apart of their life as they grow is special."

Math doesn't come easy to everyone, but Dilmore breaks down each topic into smaller pieces to help her students understand the material.

"I enjoy explaining it, I feel like it's really useful," Dilmore said. "You use math in your world when you leave here, whether it's for home repair and you have to measure the length of a base board, or square footage for carpet, or even just doing your taxes, that's math too."

Dilmore loves all areas of math, but geometry is her favorite because she says it's used so much outside the classroom.

This Golden Apple winner plans on continuing to share her knowledge at Cottondale High School for many years to come.

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