Remembering Catlin Kuhl

Published: May. 12, 2019 at 2:21 PM CDT
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Catlin Kuhl was many things.

She was one of the highest ranking martial artists with autism in the state after obtaining her second degree black belt in Taekwando, a dancer, and a baseball player.

Above all, she was a daughter.

Catlin passed away on April 27th due to a blood clot in her lung.

Catlin's father Keith Kuhl said, "There was nothing that she couldn't accomplish. She was just torn from the world before she could finish," Catlin's mother Justyna added, "The Taekwando was not the only thing that defined her, she did everything."

For the Kuhl family, April 27th 2018 was a day for celebration, and now it's a day of remembrance.

Her father said, "A year to the day, to the hour when she collapsed, I have a picture of her passing her second degree test for Taekwando."

Catlin's parents say after Hurricane Michael severely damaged their home, Catlin knew she didn't want to leave.

Keith Kuhl explained, "We stayed here in this trailer because Catlin wanted to see her home fixed, and after so many delays through insurance, so many delays through contractors, we finally found a contractor that says, 'I can get that fixed right away.' The very first day he started working on this, we lost her."

Catlin was an inspiration to those in the martial arts community, to others her age, and especially to her parents.

"Catlin saw zero evil in the world. She made me see that there are good things out there. She made me a better person," said her father, "The only thing you really want, you can't have, which is you want your daughter back."

Her parents say the hole Catlin left will never be filled, and as the family grieves they believe it was a beautiful life, gone too soon.

"She wasn't meant to go," said her mother, "She just had so much left to do. She was meant to be here."

A martial artist, an athlete, a dancer, and a daughter.

Catlin Kuhl was many things and to her parents she'll always be an unstoppable girl, capable of anything.

Catlin's family says they were able to cover all of her medical and funeral expenses and they plan to hold a celebration of life in the future.

If you'd like to donate to her celebration of life fund, click the link attached to this article.

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