Rules change for sheds, garages, carports on undeveloped lots in Bay County

Published: Dec. 5, 2017 at 6:33 PM CST
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An on-going discussion between Bay County Commissioners and the public regarding non-habitable structures finally came to a close.

The board unanimously approved a proposal at Tuesday's commission meeting to allow non-habitable structures on undeveloped residential properties.

That means Bay County residents can now have sheds, garages or carports on properties that don't have a primary living structure.

However, there are different regulations based on each property.

"It's all based on the square footage of your property, of the size you can have on your property without a primary structure. This is all contingent on whether you have a house or not have a house and so what I would recommend is that anybody who's interested in that, just contact our planning department and they'll be able to give them all the particulars on it," Bay County Commissioner Bill Dozier said.

In the past, non-habitable structures were only allowed in rural areas.