School Board Chair discusses goals for Bay District Schools in 2018

PANAMA CITY, Fla .(WJHG/WECP) - Before the Florida Legislature reconvenes in 2018, the Bay District School Board has considered local concerns it hopes to bring forward, as well as improvements members want to make within the district.

"We've got House Bill 7069 and that litigation is still out there, so we're hoping to bring that to a positive conclusion for us," Ginger Littleton, the Bay District School Board Chair, said.

The lawsuit involves school districts from all over Florida arguing education House Bill 7069 is unconstitutional.

School leaders hope to refocus the Legislature on all students.

"The other piece, I think with the Legislature, is we really want to advocate for their interest in all students and not making policies that are very charter school-centric," Littleton said.

Aside from topics of interest, board members hope to make known in the Legislature they have goals for Bay District Schools itself.

"We want to be an 'A' district next year. We were close and we want to continue that. We want to remove as many barriers from student achievement as we possibly can," Littleton explained.

She believes all students can fly, some just need a longer runway.

The board also wants to provide more opportunities for students to compete in competitions including Culinary, Band Masters, and Coding.

Littleton went on to say change begins locally through our representatives.

"Communicating with them clearly and kindly, but regularly is probably our job as citizens," she said.

The board is also working to meet the challenge of teacher shortages.