Scientific Games Corporation gives back to Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP - The Scientific Games Corporation, which is a major business partner with the Florida lottery, presented two checks for $50,000 to two groups to help with hurricane Michael relief.

The first check went to the Volunteer Florida Foundation which will help the community and the state at large and the other check went towards the Bay Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation which will help any deputies with the Sheriff's Department who lost their possessions or homes during the storm.

Sheriff Tommy Ford, Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, and representative Jay Trumbull were all on hand at the presentation.

Officials with Scientific Games say they have deep roots in Florida and felt the need to give back.

John Schulz of Scientific Games said, "We have employees throughout the state so when the storm hit it was pretty personal for us to make sure that we were part of the effort to help with the recovery."

Sheriff Tommy Ford said he has around 60 deputies who lost their homes and possessions so they say the check is a welcome donation.