Search for Central Florida teen after possible gator attack

Published: May. 10, 2018 at 4:03 AM CDT
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Authorities are searching a retention pond in Orange County, Florida after they received a report of someone flailing in the water.

Shortly after noon, Wednesday, rescue crews headed out onto a retention pond after getting a 911 call from a man who lives nearby.

"We did not witness anyone in the water but we have a witness, a very credible witness, who saw someone flailing about in the water and at some point making a statement saying, it bit me it bit me," said Jeff Williamson with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say the witness wasn't sure what he was seeing so he got closer. "He went into his home and got some binoculars. He put the binoculars on and he saw the individual even closer. He watched them and watched them until the individual went down," added Williamson.

The witness called 911 and described the person he saw flailing his arms as a teenage boy. Divers and searchers with Sonar quickly headed out onto the lake. FWC was also called and brought in alligator trappers to be on standby.

People who live in the neighborhood say alligators are a common site on the pond. "I wouldn't go swimming back there cause I've seen them," said one neighbor.

While rescuers searched the water, law enforcement canvassed the area to see if there had been any reports of anyone missing.

"Nothing so far regarding anyone being missing and like I said, we canvassed all the homes that are right there at the bank of this body of water," explained Williamson.

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