New public beach access at Seaside

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SEASIDE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP)- When visiting the Florida panhandle, stepping onto the iconic white sands and gazing at the Emerald Coast is on most checklists. and now one local establishment has now made the journey to the beach more accessible for everyone

Bud and Alley's has been a staple of seaside since the beginning of the community 30 years ago.

"You know, Bud and Alley's was one of five restaurants that was here 30 years ago, only five," explains owner Dave Rauschkolb.

And the restaurant owners continue to put their mark on the community.

"I'm thrilled to be standing on the first new beach walkover in quite some time here in Seaside," Rauschkolb continued.

This boardwalk is one of the few in the area that allow public access, and the best part is, you an grab a drink or a snack and head right down to the beach.

"I think it's outstanding. Not only for the locals and visitors but also for the business owners here," says Seagrove resident Rodger Gravitte

"We've got regular steps that come up, but we've got sitting steps here so folks can come and go to the beach or if they just want to sit and enjoy the sunshine or sunset or a cocktail. They can come and hang out on the boardwalk here, says Rauschkolb."

Rauschkolb says he built the walkway to add to his patrons experience when visiting.

"Just coming up and having access, to have lunch and to drink is fantastic. They've done a wonderful job," says Gravitte

"partially it was about extending the realm of Bud and Alley's to the beach," explains designing architect, Dhiru Thadani.

But Rauschkolb says that's not all they have in store for the future.

"Frankly I'm super excited to tell you that this is something completely new. No one even knows about this," teases Rauschkolb. "I'm working with Dhiru to do the new Bud and Ally's expansion. We're going to add 800 square feet to the roof deck."

Rauschkolb says their expansion includes connecting Bud and Alley's taco and pizza bar to its already existing building.

"We're just trying to take advantage and make [the beach] more accessible to a wider audience, that's really what this is all about," says Thadani.