Seaside to build new post office plaza promising to shape town's vision

SEASIDE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - According to officials, the town of Seaside is building a new Post Office Plaza to help carry along the vision of founders Robert and Daryl Davis.

“The plaza is the first project leading to the future construction of the Krier Tower and should take about six months to complete.” Seaside Director of Development George Calvi explained.

The plaza will be located at the southern end of Seaside Avenue and will house the notable Seaside Post Office and offer seven new public restrooms and more bike parking.

"Unique in design, there will be four vernacular bathrooms contrasted by three infill platonic shaped structures – a play between the classical and romantic,” Architect and Urbanist Dhiru Thadani said. “The three pristine objects are handicap accessible restrooms. The plaza is planted with 22 stunning Medjool palm trees the same height as the ones around the Seaside Amphitheater. There will be additional head-in auto-parking in the front and rear with short-term reserved parking for Post Office customers.”

This is just the beginning of several planned projects in Seaside.

“As an admirer of Leon Krier, it has long been my dream to bring to fruition the Krier Tower planned for Seaside’s town center, as well as creating a worthy civic space for the Post Office," Seaside Cofounder Robert Davis explained.

Thadani even outlined the Tower in his book, Visions of Seaside.

“Seaside’s urban spaces and civic buildings have provided gathering places that draw people to our community to learn, create and experience small town urbanity as well as life at the beach,” Robert Davis said. “The Post Office Plaza will enhance the experience of visitors and residents by creating a pedestrian park on one of the three axes leading from Seaside’s Central Square. And, by freeing up space for the Krier Tower, the long-term vision for Seaside’s downtown will take one more step toward realization.”

Courtesy of Lori Smith, the Director of Public Relations and Marketing in Seaside. "A groundbreaking was held at the site of the new Post Office Plaza on Tues., Nov. 14. Pictured are (left to right) Peter Horn III, Project Manager, Artisan of Seagrove Beach, Inc.; Pat Day, Seaside Postmaster; Dhiru Thadani, Architect and Urbanist; Pam Avera, VP and General Manager; George Calvi, Seaside Development Director; Peter Horn Jr., President, Artisan of Seagrove Beach, Inc.; and Trey Dorsey, Director of Property Management."
Here's a rendering of the Post Office Plaza