Second Annual Robbie Atchinson Beach Clean Up

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Keep PCB Beautiful works to create a cleaner environment year round, but on Saturday the group cleaned the beach in memory of a loved one.

"We are having our second annual Robbie Atchinson Beach Clean up. Robbie was one of our founding members of Keep PCB Beautiful," said Kim Christian, the PR and advertising manager for Keep PCB Beautiful.

This is one way the group celebrates Robbie's life.

"We lost Robbie last year to esophageal cancer and it was a void for our group and a void for us as a beach family, so this is a way that we can honor him," said Christian.

"This is to celebrate what Robbie believes so much in. He loved Panama City, he loved the beaches, we were on the beach everyday," said Robbie Atchinson's widow, Mary Atchinson.

Around 40 volunteers grabbed a bucket and picked up garbage around the M.B. Miller pier in Panama City Beach.

"We started out as a small family and grew into a really cool group that helps our community," said Christian.

Group members say as Keep PCB Beautiful grows, Robbie's passions of cleaning up the area grow throughout the community.

"We had local businesses get behind us, people coming out, we had people that were just on the beach that heard what we were doing, came up to volunteer and offer their help," said Christian.

Because together, the group is creating a cleaner environment for people and wildlife.

"We collected almost 200 pounds of trash, just today," said Christian.

Mary says if he was here today, he would be proud.

"I think he would feel very good that there's still good in other people that step forward," said Mary.

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