See ya later, alligator: Mexico Beach Police Department Captures one of "several" alligators

Published: Nov. 3, 2016 at 6:28 PM CDT
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Each year hundreds of people travel to Mexico Beach to experience the beautiful beaches, and peace and quiet. Recently law enforcement says a scaly four-legged animal has over stayed its welcome.

According to the Mexico Beach Police last week they responded to a call that was "unique."

"A call came in from the post office for an animal complaint," said Officer Brenna Hauversburk, an officer with the Mexico Beach Police Department. "Officers responded to the call that was reported," added Chief of Mexico Beach Police Anthony Kelly.

The call that came in wasn't in reference to a person wandering the streets. Instead, a four-foot hungry alligator.

"I saw it right in the tree line," said Hauversburk, "Right here in these people's backyard."

After some time went by, officers split up, canvassing neighborhoods near where they original complaint came in on 15th Street and Colorado.

"It was just sitting there [in the backyard of a resident's house] at the moment waiting for us to come get it," said Hauversburk.

According to Chief Kelly, oddly enough alligators in backyards aren't that uncommon for the 2016 year.

"We have had several alligator calls," said Kelly.

Before the FWC was on scene several officers tried capturing the gator, but it was the only female officer on the police force that was able to accomplish the goal.

"It was definitely empowering," said Hauversburk "I hooked the lasso on the end of the trash grabber, slipped it over his neck, and just held on cause he put up a nice fight."

Before saying 'See ya later alligator' Chief Kelly stepped in with his medical equipment, which included a stethoscope. He was caught on camera doing so.

"I just wanted to make sure the heartbeat sounded like a heartbeat," said Chief Kelly "Not that I'm a doctor."

Officials say they believe the alligator came from a pond nearby.

"The location we're standing up now, unfortunately, people have attempted or have in fact fed the alligator," said Kelly. "It was looking for food because it's used to being fed which it should not be."

Kelly said he received word a near-by family had allowed their children to feed an alligator in the pond by using fishing line and a chicken wing. After putting two and two together, Kelly said he gave the family a warning.

Chief Kelly says they train with the FWC on how to handle situations like these, especially when alligators are becoming too familiar to Mexico Beach.

"Alligators are not friendly," said Hauversburk. "They do have a lot of teeth and they're very sharp. Just stay away from them. Call us we will come get them."

Officials say the FWC took the gator and released him far away.