Senators Rick Scott and Doug Jones reflect on Hurricane Michael

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 9:35 PM CDT
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It has been almost one year since Hurricane Michael made landfall, and both Florida and Alabama have lasting impacts.

U.S. Senators from both states have been working to get funding to those impacted by the storm.

A disaster bill was recently passed, but Alabama Senator Doug Jones believes this federal funding should have been approved sooner.

"I think the relief efforts have, on the ground, have been very good. Alabama and their EMA and all did a wonderful job of trying to help the efforts on the ground. It's the financial relief that has been very frustrating and that is just now coming into play," said Jones.

Senator Jones is not the only one who feels federal funding approval was slow.

Florida Senator Rick Scott said, "I'm glad Tyndall's getting rebuilt, Tyndall just got devastated, I was there like two or three days after Michael hit and man the devastation was horrible. It was disappointing how long it took for the disaster bill to get done but we did get the funding so I'm glad for that."

The disaster aid bill was passed in June and totaled $19.1 billion, but Florida's Panhandle has yet to see any of that money.

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