Senator Rick Scott back in Washington, speaks on agriculture impacts of Hurricane Michael

WASHINGTON D.C. (WJHG/WECP) - On the heels of Monday's press conference at Tyndall Air Force Base, Senator Rick Scott was back in Washington Tuesday to continue to try and help the Panhandle.

Senator Scott says in the more than 200 days since the storm, around 25 percent of Panama City's population has moved away.

Despite the damage to homes and infrastructure, Scott says the agriculture industry also took a hit.

He says the losses are approaching $1.5 billion to crops that will take more than a decade to regrow.

"These are 15-plus year crops and they're just gone. As Michael went through it just snapped all the trees in half," said Scott, "Once that happens and once they're on the ground, you just can't use them anymore."

He went on to say the property insurance claims from the storm are now more than $6 billion.